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We called my grandmother Mimi. I loved her dearly. So it is fitting that I should have her here with me as I continue to talk about me, myself and I.
We're all in this together! And we're not going to get out of this alive, so I'll just make the best of it right here and now.

World Gold Council, 2004: 2 jewelry pieces requested for inclusion in their publication: “New Expressions in Gold Jewelry: An Editors Look Book (WGC). 24k gold jewelry: “Treasure” bracelet and “Double Helix” ring.
Rings (Book), 2002 (or ‘03), by Jinks McGrath of England. Noted metalsmith, & author of other metalsmithing books. 2 rings included.
NICHE magazine, Spring 2001, The Finer Things & Contents.
Lapidary Journal, January 2001, Facets: Artist’s Inspiration
Ornament magazine, Winter 1999: Artist Statement, 2 page spread.
Colored Stone magazine, 1999 Las Vegas Show Guide: Cover image: “Spectrum” ring.
The Crafts Report, April 1999: Insight Jewelry section. Marketing tip for "brochure on disk" w/image.
Lapidary Journal, December, 1998: Cover image & 5 page article by Andy Oriel. Same issue: 2-page "how-to", Jewelry Journal. And:
Lapidary Journal, January 1999, Jewelry Journal, completed December "how-to".
Arvada Sentinel, Arvada, CO, December 1998: Article & 2 images published in conjunction with Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities show.
David Fell Newsletter: 1998 summer newsletter: NICHE Award - honorable mention entry published.
David Fell Newsletter: 1997 newsletter; Spectrum Award entry published.
Woman's Magazine, Boulder, CO, Feb 1997: Article in conjunction with 2 person show at Busch Gallery exhibition.

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